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Embodiment Therapy Sessions

Initial Session

Arriving to your first Embodiment Therapy session might feel a little like coming to visit a warm and close friend. We begin by having a collaborative meeting where we inquire into and discuss your desired goals and outcomes, the solutions you want to experience in your life, and the way that you most wish to relate to yourself, others, and to your general life experience.​

Subsequent Sessions

After we have created a shared definition of your goals and desires in our first session with you, subsequent sessions will include very specific techniques designed to shift your brain wave state.  Every session includes structured questions that will allow you and us to see how  the program is working for you.  We will also teach you techniques and concepts to facilitate relief from your painful symptoms and show you how to lean in to your desires.​You may ask why it important to lean into my desire? Because your desires are sign posts communicated by your subconscious mind that will lead you to living a vital life.​


Embodiment therapy is offered globally. Our physical location is in Austin, TX however, many of our clients prefer to visit with us via video conferencing. 

Getting Started

We invite you to contact us by phone or email. We'll answer all of your questions and schedule an initial session.  Our sessions are customized specifically for you, so a conversation is a great place to begin. 

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