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Replacing Pathology with Possibility

What is Embodiment Therapy?

You’ve heard the phrase “You create your own reality”?  We help guide you to learn and use specific techniques and practices that enable you to create the life that you desire instead of creating your life by default or habit.

We all walk around with a set of beliefs about ourselves and about the world - the way we believe that things are.   These long held beliefs create neural networks in the brain.  At that point, we only notice what’s in alignment with our beliefs. There’s a host of  other things happening, but what we’re attuned to are the things that support our beliefs.  For example, if I believe that life is hard, I’ll most likely see many examples of this in my daily life -in the stories others share with me,  in my own life experience, in my conversations, etc.

This is how we can get stuck in life. We say we desire a change, that we want to be different, that we want a different life experience, yet we continue daily with the same beliefs and the same thought patterns over and over again. This actually reinforces a neurological structure in the brain which limits the possibility for change. We may even begin to judge ourselves for not being able to make the change we want!

You can create change intentionally by building a new neural network in the brain. This is part of what Embodiment Therapy does; it allows you to access the conducive brainwave states that facilitate change and rewire . Accessing these states will in turn allow you to begin noticing how to move towards the things and life experiences that you want. Your role in this process is simply to uncover your desires, use the tools we provide you with in session and then begin to notice when your desires are coming into your experience.  This is a big step towards creating the life you want - simply becoming aware of new possibilities in your daily experience.  At that point, we’ll guide you on how to move towards those desires and how to track that you’re actually creating your own life experience instead of feeling like life is “happening to me”, or feeling stuck in your life.

Rewire and Rewild

Embodiment is the state from which you can shift your life and experience to a much richer existence.


You may have heard the term, "neurons that fire together, wire together".  To oversimplify:  Our brain cells communicate with one another via synaptic transmission–one brain cell releases a chemical (neurotransmitter) that the next brain cell absorbs.  This communication process is known as “neuronal firing.”  When brain cells communicate frequently, the connection between them strengthens.  Messages that travel the same pathway in the brain over and over begin to transmit faster and faster.  With enough repetition, they become automatic.  That’s why we practice things like hitting a golf ball or playing the piano–with enough practice, we can go on automatic pilot. Our technology and practices apply this same concept to your thoughts and belief patterns.


We work in weekly sessions to teach our clients a conceptual framework for understanding how to utilize specific techniques that we teach in order to create momentum so that their lives move in the direction they desire.  The concepts we teach are related to brainwave states,  neurogenesis, the endocrine system, and how the endocrine system relates to "stuckness".

We help people get into a different state in order to orient to the life experience they want. . We have methodologies and practices that are body centric and relaxation centric that allow us to shift clients brainwave states to those that are more conducive to facilitating  change.  This different state allows you to see your life in a way that’s more productive for you.

Our offering is powerful.  What we want you to realize about life is that there are more possibilities than you've entertained before. We work with the concept that not only are you not broken, you're actually equipped with your own internal guidance system that can orient you to the rich life experience you desire. 


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