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Meet Our Team


Anastasia Allington
Nadia Bakir

Anastasia brings presence and insight to her sessions, which offer an open, safe container where her clients can explore every aspect of themselves. Her own journey to embodiment began when she was introduced to yoga in 2006 and a seemingly simple practice of breath and movement transformed the quality of her life from one of depression and anxiety to one of peace and ease. She realized that healing comes from within, that our bodies contain all of the wisdom needed to shift in a desired direction. Anastasia draws on her experience and training in mindfulness, psychology, and body-based modalities to engage with clients as they learn how to access their own desired state of well-being.

Nadia Bakir is a marriage and family therapist and supervisor, licensed in the State of Texas since 2010. As wife, mother, therapist, clinical supervisor, and good girlfriend to those she loves, she wears many hats. She knows how it can be a challenge to be fully present in all areas of one’s life in our modern world. Since becoming involved in the Embodiment project three years ago, Nadia chooses to practice clinically in a much more connected way than she was trained. The limitations she found in helping clients through traditional psychotherapy could not be ignored. This work has lit a fire in her that she can’t help but share with those she works with and cares about. Embodiment Therapy is very close to her heart, and enables her to experience a healthy balance and joy in life.

Liz Davis
Allison Fleming

Liz has been a professional healer and yoga teacher since 2009. Her journey into the world of healing started during college. She was going through a rough time with body issues and obsessive working out. She heard about yoga and decided to give it a try. Walking into that room changed her life. Quickly, yoga became Liz’s way of getting herself back into her body, and out of her self-doubt chatter.
Her path and soul calling was found through her own healing journey. After leaving NYC, Liz began to learn all different kinds of self-healing tools that she utilized in her own life, seeing major results across the board.
Since then, Liz has continued to learn and expand her tool belt on a daily basis. She guides people of all ages through all the different cycles of life. With truth, non-judgment, kindness and commitment, one can become stronger, calmer, clearer, healthier and happier. Taught from the heart and from personal experience, Liz’s classes and sessions are a complete mind, body, and soul experience infused with all the different knowledge that Liz continues to accumulate everyday

Allison Christine Fleming is a practitioner of Oriental Medicine. Her mission is for her clients to feel seen, heard and understood. Through this mission and her diagnostic skills she can help to translate the messages your body is sending you and is happy to offer guidance and tools to assist you on your journey to wholeness.
She is trained in a number of healing modalities including acupuncture, massage, reiki and offers consultations in nutrition, herbal medicine and bach flower remedies. Allison loves to incorporate her knowledge into sessions using aromatherapy, sound therapy and/or guided meditation.

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